Superior Boiler provides custom boiler systems to provide efficient, reliable steam and hot water for water and waste treatment facilities. We have installations at wastewater treatment plants across North and South America burning digester methane gas. You can feel confident that our experienced team will ensure your boiler is sized correctly to safely burn this usable, inexpensive fuel.

Our systems are built to order, so they can be customized to meet a variety of applications and requirements, including lowering fuel costs, handling load fluctuations, lowering emissions, adding redundancy and more. We use non-proprietary parts, so you can have repairs and maintenance completed by a qualified boiler technician of your choice. We build boiler systems to fit any footprint, and we provide unmatched customer service.

Contact your local Superior Boiler sales representative to discuss the heat, steam or hot water needs at your water or wastewater treatment facility.

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Recommended Boilers

  • Seminole Scotch Marine Boiler

    Seminole 3-Pass Wetback Firetube Boiler

  • Super Seminole Scotch Marine Boiler

    Super Seminole 3-Pass Wetback Firetube Boiler

  • Mohican Scotch Marine Boiler

    Mohican 4-Pass Wetback Firetube Boiler

  • Arrowhead Firebox Boiler

    Arrowhead 3-Pass Wetback Firebox Boiler

  • Osage Firebox Boiler

    Osage 3-Pass Firebox Boiler

  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

    Mohawk WHRB 2 & 3-Pass Heat Recovery

Aerial View of Water Treatment Plant Pools

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