A closed hydronic space heating system may only require chemical water treatment and periodic water quality checks, while the make-up demands of an open steam system may require a full water treatment system. Much depends on the quality of the available water. We recommend having your water tested to properly determine its quality.

Water contains dissolved gasses and minerals, particulates, and organics. Uncontrolled pH and dissolved oxygen can result in excessive corrosion. Over time, scale buildup, and mud, sludge and contaminants can collect on the bottom of the boiler and on the tube sheet. As the burner cycles, the repeated heating and cooling of the boiler can be adversely affected by this buildup of contaminants causing inefficient transfer of heat.

These Conditions Can be Controlled by Being Aware of the Following

  • Effective water treatment is a critical factor in good system design.
  • Clean-outs and a pro-active preventative maintenance program will help keep the boiler clean.
  • The temperature differentials of make-up, return, and feed water should be kept as low as practical.
Water Boiler

The most important factor in extending boiler service life is related to the water that circulates within the boiler system.

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