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Control Panels for Superior Boilers are outdoor reset control systems to stage three or more boilers in response to heating loads.

Quite often, boilers are designed to cycle via their lower and upper limit switches, and most control systems default to this as a fail-safe mode. However, if the limits are not correctly set or if multiple boilers are involved, a number of conditions can occur that will lead to inefficient firing and staging, or short cycling. A control panel avoids this by providing a planned approach to system management.

By effectively matching the response to the heat load, placing controls over firing cycles, and adding the features of setbacks and boiler rotation, Superior’s control system can greatly improve overall system versatility and efficiency.

The Dispatcher Control Panel

The key to a successful modular boiler plant is the lead-lag sequencer, which can transform multiple individual boilers into a single, highly efficient, system. The Triad Dispatcher reflects the state-of-the-art in multiple boiler control and is available for both hydronic and steam applications.

The Dispatcher is manufactured for Triad by a respected leader in the boiler controls industry. The Dispatcher was created to combine a high end sequencer with the unique requirements of modular Triad installations. The end result of our efforts is a powerful and flexible yet easy-to-use boiler sequencer.