The manufacturing process for textiles requires a reliable supply of hot water and steam. Superior Boiler manufactures custom boiler systems that help textile mills meet fluctuating demands, lower fuel costs, improve efficiency, add redundancy and more.

We build our boiler packages to order, which allows us to address the unique needs of the textile industry. From pre-treatment and dyeing to finishing, our experienced team can recommend a system that will deliver the steam and hot water at the precise temperature you need at the time you need it.

We use non-proprietary controls and burners on all of our boilers, so maintenance is easier and more affordable for our customers. You can purchase replacement parts wherever it’s convenient and use the technician of your choice to perform the work. We can design our boiler systems to fit any footprint and we provide outstanding customer service on every job we do.

Contact your local Superior Boiler sales representative to discuss your textile mill’s hot water and steam needs.

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