Upscale Retirement Community Retrofits with Triad

The Watermark at 3030 Park

The Watermark at 3030 Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut is an incredible Retirement Community located on a 14-acre campus in Fairfield County. Along with a new $47M state of the art Health Center, a large modern dining facility, and an active wellness center, this campus redefines senior living. With such a beautiful facility, The Watermark at 3030 Park is one of the most sought after retirement communities in the area.

The Watermark at 3030 Park is part of a larger company, Watermark Retirement Communities, that was founded twenty-eight years ago in Tucson, AZ and now includes thirty-three facilities nationwide stretching from Beverly Hills, California to Sarasota, Florida. As industry leaders, the company has received numerous peer awards and has pioneered exciting initiatives and services that are revolutionizing elder living.

The Watermark was in desperate need of a new heating plant, so Funk Boiler Works of Westhaven, CT was hired to execute a turnkey project to abate the old boilers and design & install new boilers.

In place were three old, large horizontal firetube steam boilers. Each were gas-fired with an input of 14,215 MBH for a total of 42,645 MBH. Two of the boilers were removed, with the third left in place during the new installation for domestic hot water purposes via an indirect heat exchanger. This third boiler has since been mothballed and will be removed at a later date.

The new heating plant consists of eight Triad Series 1600 Low Pressure Steam boilers firing natural gas at 1,700 MBH. Burners are Powerflame JR 50’s with Low-High-Lowfiring. The Triads are being controlled by a HeatTimer SQ Elite series which has proven to be a very efficient solution.

The Watermark Dining Hall

Two of the eight Triad 1600 steam boilers are being used for domestic hot water through the heat exchanger. This means that one or two 1,700 MBH boilers will handle DHW, depending on the need, versus previously where one large 14,215 MBH boiler was required. Also, previously they had two 1,000 gallon tanks but one was leaking and had to be removed. Funk Boiler calculated that only one was required to carry the load –which has proven out. So, for domestic hot water, the load is being carried with a total of 3400 MBH with one 1000 gallon tank that formerly used 14,200 MBH with two tanks totaling 2000 gallons.

Shortly after the boilers were installed in 2013, and before the heating season was in full swing, the Watermark’s gas bill for domestic hot water usage was down 50%.

Series 1600 Steam Low Pressure Boiler

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