College Embraces Triad “Hybrid” System

Highest Efficiency –Lowest Equipment Cost By Pairing Condensing & Non-Condensing

Washington State Community College

Washington State Community College (WSCC) is a comprehensive two-year accredited community college located in Washington County, Ohio. Established in 1971 as Washington Technical College, WSCC now offers its 2,300 students more than 50 programs of study in Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Business, Engineering and Industrial. For more than 40 years the college has provided the opportunity to enhance skills for the 425 students that graduate annually.

WSCC has a center for Business & Technology that offers a variety of professional seminars, technical programs and over 300 online courses for business and industry. Over 3,000 people annually are trained through the Business & Technology Center. It also has an Arts and Sciences Center and the well regarded Carson K. Miller Library. Washington State also has agreements with several institutions of higher learning that allow its student’s credits to transfer more favorably.

The building had two large, very old atmospheric water tube boilers that had a variety of issues. The tubes were failing, the school needed summer reheat, which required a loop temperature of 90 to 100 degrees, which would cause the boilers to condense, which exacerbated the problem with the old boilers, but in the winter the building required a 180 degree supply temperature.

Triad Hybrid System

Triad’s representative, Ray Wohlfarth of Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling, helped the school understand the concept of a “hybrid”system. Instead of purchasing all condensing boilers, which would be very expensive, 2 Triad Series 900 mid-efficiency steel boilers with input of 1,000,000 Btu’s were combined with 2 Triad Triumph high-efficiency condensing boilers with input of 900,000 Btu’s. Total plant capacity is 3,800,000 Btu’s.

Now, during the winter when the outside temperature is below 32 degrees, the Series 900 standard efficiency boiler is the lead boiler at 83% efficient, and during the summer when a much lower temperature is needed for reheat, or for the less extreme shoulder seasons of fall and spring the condensing Triumph boiler is the lead at up to 95% efficient. These boilers are controlled by a panel that seamlessly chooses the correct lead boiler. Thus, each type of boiler is operating at the temperature at which it is most efficient.

The school was very pleased that it ended up with the highest efficiency system while minimizing upfront equipment costs and has realized fuel savings in excess of 25%.


Series 900 Steam Low Pressure Boiler

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