Providing Heat to an Oven for the Kitchen (Cabinets)

TRIAD Boilers Heating an Industrial Oven for Merillat Industries

Merillat Industries Kitchen Cabinets

Merillat Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing quality cabinetry since 1946, and with manufacturing plants located throughout the United States and over 4,200 employees, the Company has grown to become one of the nation’s largest cabinet manufacturers and the number one builder-preferred cabinet.

Merillat Industries recently extended its production line, and as part of this expansion,b ordered a very unusual Italian drying oven for a new facility, but needed a way to heat it with hot water, not steam. The Italian oven was needed as a finishing/drying operation for a certain line of Merillat’s cabinetry.

Part of the challenge was that this was the first time this particular type of drying oven was ever used in North America, and so obtaining technical information was difficult at times. The oven was manufactured by Cefla Finishing of Italy, a large European manufacturer. But at the time there were few detailed drawings or operating & maintenance manuals available to the installation team in North America prior to the arrival of the oven.

Cabinet Drying Oven

Triad’s representative in North Carolina was tasked with designing the entire heating system, including system drawings using two Triad 800-SH-HEP hot water boilers. These are extremely rugged, small-footprint boilers, each with an input of 800 MBH, fired by two Powerflame X4-700 gas burners. Boilers from Triad were the logical choice given their rugged and reliable design. The owners felt as if they were getting the design of a large industrial horizontal boiler, but in a very small package. Because this was an industrial application, Triad’s ruggedness was an important factor in the decision–very thick steel and 12 gauge firetubes.

Another plus was that each boiler is only 22 inches in diameter, allowing them to be located in an unobtrusive place in the facility, thereby saving on valuable manufacturing space.

According to Triad’s rep, “The first U.S. installation of this Cefla oven was a complete success. It is operating at 100% capacity, with the temperature regulating valve open approximately 33%, and the Triad boilers operating beautifully.”

Merillat was so pleased that they installed another oven with Triad boilers at their Culpepper, VA plant, and are planning to use Triad Boilers in future installations in their nationwide plants.

Detail Photo of Boiler Pressure Guage

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