Popular Texas Brew Pub Uses Triad Steam Boiler

Uncle Billy's Brew

Opened in 2007, Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que is located right in the heart of Austin Texas’ coolest restaurant row on Barton Springs Road. Named for “Uncle Billy” William Barton, whose 1830′s tract of land included the renowned Barton Springs, Uncle Billy’s offers the perfect combination of award-winning, hand-crafted beers and delicious, slow-smoked barbeque. Uncle Billy’s is as original as Austin itself.

Uncle Billy's Brewery

At Uncle Billy’s, they brew all their signature beers from scratch, using the finest malted barley and aromatic hops. These beers include Moose Dunkel, a Munich dunkel style lager,an Irish Oatmeal Stout, and the popular Hell in Keller Pilsner, Hop Zombie, East Brown & Down, and Back 40 Blonde.

Triad is pleased to have a Series 300 low pressure steam boiler helping with brewing. Steam boilers have various uses in the brew cycle; to heat the brewing water (known as ‘hot liquor’), to heat/steam/sanitize the keg line, and to boil the mash during the brewing process. Sometimes a large amount of steam is required, other times very little is needed.

The compact footprint allows the boiler to fit into a very tight space and the rugged design and quick steaming of this boiler works well in this environment.

Series 300 Steam Low Pressure Boiler

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