Beautiful hotel in Times Square installs modular stream TRIADs.

The Hotel Mela pleased with excellent system efficiencies.

TRIAD Steamers

The Hotel Mela is a modern boutique hotel with 230 guestrooms and suites centrally located right in New York City’s Times Square near the Theatre District. This sophisticated building was designed with a nod to both Italian and New York cultures. Guestrooms and suites offer all the comforts of home as well as state of the art technology.

Throughout the hotel are references to the history of New York City. Artwork depicting some of the more famous landmarks adorn the hotel walls, such as Grand Central Station, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. The hotel also has an exercise facility, an executive boardroom for meetings, and several large penthouse suites.

The Hotel Mela was in need of a new steam heating plant for some time, yet wanted something that was cost effective, rugged, fit in a limited space, and was as efficient as possible. This seemed like a lot to ask. But they became interested in the modular concept, and Triad’s steam boilers were an excellent fit. They chose to install six Series 900 Steam Boilers controlled by a Heat-Timer panel. Each boiler was fired by a Powerflame CR1Dual Fuel burner firing at 900MBH.

TRIAD’s modular vertical configuration was the perfect fit for the rather small boiler room. The Triad Steamers replaced a large, very old boiler, and were easy to move into place, with all the controls wired and mounted. The dual fuel Powerflame burners were mounted on the boilers after they were installed in place. Thus the boilers did not have to be moved with the burners mounted. Rigging costs were kept at a minimum, as were the onsite installation labor costs. Because the modular boilers are sequenced by a Heat-Timer control panel only the minimum boilers are fired (based on outdoor reset). This has allowed to hotel to realized meaningful energy savings. No energy is wasted warming up one large,old, inefficient boiler which is really noticeable during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring.

As an update to this story, the boilers have been operating for six winters now and the hotel is quite pleased with the results. The Triad system has heated the facility well, while minimizing fuel costs.

The Hotel Mela