Triad High Pressure Steam Boilers Tapped for Sterilization

Shawnee Mission Surgery Center

Shawnee Mission Medical Center (SMMC) is one of the most preferred hospitals in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Its dedication to improving the health of local and extended communities has lasted more than fifty years. As more patients base their hospital choice on the quality of care they expect, more people throughout the region are making SMMC their destination of choice.

In 1866 in Battle Creek, Mich., Dr. John Harvey Kellogg opened the first health care facility founded on the values of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church. Since that time, SDA health care has become the nation’s largest protestant health care system. SMMC has been a member of this system for more than 50 years, serving Kansas City all that time.

The medical center has a staff of more than 700 physicians, the largest medical staff in Kansas City, representing 50 medical specialties. It operates the busiest Emergency Department in Johnson County, including the area’s first accredited Chest Pain Center and delivers more babies at the Special Addition Birth Center than any other hospital in the metropolitan area. Each year SMMC introduces new procedures and acquires advanced medical technologies that are often firsts in the Kansas City area.

The hospital needed high pressure steam for its autoclaves in the new Shawnee Mission Surgery Center (SMSC) in the Sante Fe Building. What was chosen was two Series 1600 High Pressure steam boilers from Triad. These boilers are fired with two JR50 modulating gas-fired Powerflame burners. These High Pressure steam boilers have a very compact footprint and are simple for technicians to operate and maintain. The medical center required two boilers to provide redundancy for the important function of sterilization of operating instruments.

The SMSC was a pioneer in ambulatory surgery when in was founded in 1984 as Shawnee Mission Medical Center’s Day Surgery. It outgrew its former facility and recently moved to a new state-of-the-art location on the SMMC campus in the Santa Fe Building.

It includes six operating rooms, nine pre-op beds and 18 recovery beds and employs 60 associates serving the needs of 120 surgeons. The Center averages 6,500 surgeries annually.


Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Shawnee Mission Medical Centers Day Surgery

Series 1600 Steam High Pressure Boiler

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