Famous Building Upgrades to Triad Boilers

Rockfall Apartments Lobby

Triad is no stranger to great New York City buildings. A recent application was an elegant pre-war building designed and built in 1909 by architects George and Edward Blum.

The architectural partnership of the brothers George Blum (1879–1928) and Edward Blum (1876–1944) provided designs for some of the finest apartment buildings built in New York City in the early twentieth century. In the twenty years following the establishment of their partnership in 1909, at least 120 apartment houses were built according to their designs. Of these, The Rockfall Apartments at 545 West 111th street is one of the top five most notable buildings. It is highly regarded among both the historical and architectural communities of New York.

Located on the northeast corner of Broadway and 111th Street it was recently meticulously renovated. It has a magnificently lobby, a newly constructed gym and a wonderful planted roof deck with views of the Hudson River and the historic Cathedral of St. John the Divine and is located in an incredibly vibrant neighborhood near gourmet grocery stores, great restaurants, schools and public transportation. This co-op building has 10 floors and 131 units. This is an incredibly nice building, with three bedroom 1600 ft. apartments, for example, going for about $1,450,000.

As part of the renovation, the mechanical equipment was in desperate need of replacement. The owner and the engineer chose to go with four Series 2000 steam boilers with Powerflame Low/High/Low burners firing at 1,600,000 Btu’s. These boilers are extremely compact and rugged, so they fit well into the tight boiler room. The owners were intrigued by the modular concept, the reliability of steel, and the fully assembled, “packaged” nature of the Triad boilers that came ready to fit into the very tight space, with no sections to put together.

Due to their modular design these Triad Boilers will be very efficient for the owners, especially during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall where only a minimal number of boilers will be needed. This is vastly better than having to fire up a larger old-fashioned boiler during those less cold days. Also, when quotes for other products were reviewed it became clear that when all costs (including labor) were factored in, the TRIAD boilers were less expensive.

Rockfall Apartments Exterior

Series 2000 Steam High Pressure Boiler

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