First TRIAD “Hybrid” System Installed in Condominium Project

Efficiencies Maximized – Upfront Costs Minimized Using Condensing with Non-Condensing

Parkside Place Condos

Parkside Place is a lavish condominium project in Charleston, West Virginia that had a rather convoluted and inefficient heating plant nearing the end of its useful life. Ray Wohlfarth of Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling, a Triad rep, realized this was the perfect opportunity to combine Triad’s extremely rugged mid-efficiency boilers with the Triad “Triumph” line of condensing boilers in one application.

The original heating plant consisted of two HB Smithcast iron low pressure steam boilers which heated the perimeter loop and all the condominiums via two steam to water heat exchangers. Due to the aging equipment, as well as the inefficient steam to hot water setup, now was the opportunity for management to install an efficient, cost effective, rugged system.

Ray Wohlfarth worked with design engineer Jason Harper of Harper Engineering of St Albans, WV and the mechanical contractor, Casto Technical Services of Charleston, WV to come up with the perfect solution. This turned out to be two Triad Series 900 Combination Boilers and one Triad Triumph T-900 high efficiency condensing boiler.

The Combination Boilers produce two different temperature space heating loops, one for the perimeter heat and one for the main air handling unit. The Triumph T-900 high efficiency boiler can realize efficiencies up to 95% and was used in parallel to provide heat for the air handling unit. The boilers are being controlled by Trane Company’s Tracer System, which brings on the correct type of boiler based on outdoor temperature, and other factors. During warmer spring or fall days the condensing boiler can carry the load, operating under a lower water temperature. Yet during the colder days of winter the Triad traditional efficiency boilers will carry the load when the building needs to remain warmer.

Triumph T-900 HE Condensing Boiler

Upfront costs were minimized because Parkside did not have to purchase three condensing boilers, and the average lifespan of the heating plant was maximized because the traditional Triad’s are so unusually rugged.

Mr. White, the property manager for the condominium association, has been very pleased with the boilers and their trouble free heating so far, and is looking forward to the savings he will realize as winter progresses. Preliminary calculations show a savings of 20% over the first heating season.

Series 900 Combination Boiler

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