Moriah Central School District is located in northeast New York in the city of Port Henry. The district is composed of the Moriah Elementary School and the Moriah Central School which is a combined middle school and high school covering grades 7 through 12 with approximately 350 students. The school has been in existence since the mid 1970’s and the board decided to undergo a needed multi-project reconstruction.

After much analysis and deliberation, the School District ultimately chose the firm of Synthesis to provide services for a multi-project reconstruction. Synthesis is a multi-disciplined design firm providing architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, site and environmental planning, LEED Certification services, interior design, and graphic design services for civic, medical, municipal, educational, commercial, corporate, retail, institutional and residential projects.

Triad Boilers

Like their other projects, Synthesis incorporated as many sustainable and energy conscious design features as possible. This focus on sustainability was important to both Synthesis and the Moriah School District.

Working closely with a building committee made up of the district administration, Board of Education members and members of the community, Synthesis thoroughly scoped the entire facility and provided long term solutions that reduced maintenance and increased durability. The scope included much needed boiler replacement, ventilation improvements, complete auditorium upgrades, pool reconstruction, office reconfiguration, and traffic safety & parking improvements.

There were other items to be dealt with a well, so it was a rather comprehensive list.

As part of this large project, Triad was pleased to have been chosen for the boiler replacement. The heating plant ended up comprising seven Triad 2000 boilers; four were straight Space Heating Hot Water boilers and three were Combination units which provided both Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water from each vessel.

Triad boilers are extremely rugged and utilize heat exchanger with a firetube design. Each Series 2000 Combination unit also has a very large 92 footlong copper coil, 1.5 inches diameter that is immersed in the boiler water. So this is an indirectly fired “tankless” coil used to provide domestic hot water. Due to its large diameter and indirect firing, it is quite difficult to foul that coil. It can provide a rather large amount of hot water for applications such as kitchens, bathrooms and showers. The coil can also be used for swimming pool heating.

Moriah Central School

The burners were Riello RLS50 Dual Fuel firing at 2,200,000 btu’s to handle natural gas or no.2 oil, depending on the need of the school. The entire system provided total output of 12,780,000 Btu’s.

The Moriah School is pleased it now has a rugged system that can last 30 years, yet due to its modular setup will be very efficient, especially during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring.

Series 2000 Combination Boiler

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