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Madison Hospital

Madison Lutheran Hospital, located in Madison, MN, was originally known as Ebenezer Hospital, established in 1902 under the auspices of the Norwegian Lutheran Church. Until 1914, it was the only hospital available between Minneapolis and Watertown, South Dakota.

By 1948 the name was changed to Madison Hospital but continued to operate as an independent, private, not-for-profit hospital relying solely on fees for services and donations to sustain it. This hospital and nursing home has been serving the community for 60 years. In 1990, after two years of planning and legal work, the Madison Hospital became part of the Madison Lutheran Home.

The Madison Hospital offers medical, surgical, obstetrics, nursery, coronary, and emergency services around the clock. In addition, in-patient and outpatient services are offered in the areas of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, laboratory and x-ray, and pharmacy.

The Madison Lutheran Home has seen many changes. Once a 176 bed nursing home, Madison Lutheran Home witnessed a declining population in the Madison area. But with the change in demographics newer residents also had higher expectations of nicer private rooms and a more home-like environment in which to live. So, in 2004 the Madison Lutheran Home embarked on a major capital improvement plan, which included transforming many of the double and semi-private rooms into private rooms.

Also, certain rooms were removed to create more space for activities and for restorative care. Many cosmetic updates were made to the interior by providing more modern eating and lounge areas. With all the remodeling and the vision to turn the once, institutional looking nursing home into a modern home for the elderly, Madison Lutheran Home is now licensed for 87 beds.

Madison Lutheran Home

As part of all this updating, the boiler system required replacement. The facility opted for Triad’s modular system of Dual Fuel boilers. Hospitals are required to have access to two fuels, so Triad was a perfect choice. What was finally selected were five Series 1600 Hot Water Space Heat boilers fired with Dual Fuel Riello Burners. Each of these boilers can handle an input of 1,700,000 btu’s for a total system input of 8,500,000 Btu’s. And, because these are modular boilers, they are very efficient during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring, when fewer vessels will be firing. These are heating the entire facility, but are extremely efficient during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring, where a minimum number of vessels are firing.

Series 1600 Space Heating Boiler

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