Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water Combination Boilers

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Madison Community Hospital is a25 bed non-profit, independent, facility that has been serving the town of Madison, South Dakota and its surrounding communities for over a century. Madison is a town of 6,500 people located among the lakes and farmland in eastern South Dakota.

Madison Community Hospital and its 150 employees are dedicated to providing cost-effective, quality inpatient and outpatient healthcare services. This facility is certified by Medicare and Medicaid. The medical/surgical unit provides quality care for patients admitted with illness, accidents, or surgery. Registered nurses and nursing assistants have basic life support and receive an extensive orientation and training program. R.N.’s are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

The hospital had a very old boiler system that simply had to be replaced. They opted for Triad’s modular system of Dual Fuel boilers. Hospitals are required to have access to two fuels, so Triad was a perfect choice. What was finally selected were three Series 1700 Hot Water Space Heat boilers and two Series 1700 combination boilers which are Triad boilers that can provide Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water from one vessel. The Combination Boilers have a large 93’ long, 1.5” diameter copper coil that is immersed in the boiler water. This indirectly-fired coil provides a large amount of domestic hot water for bathrooms, kitchens and showers. Each of these boilers can handle an input of 1,700,000 btu’s on either gas or Number 2 oil, with a combined input of 8,500,000 Btu’s. And, because these are modular boilers, they are very efficient during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring, when fewer vessels will be firing.

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