Incredible Headquarters Retrofitted With TRIAD Boilers

Knights of Columbus Tower

The Knights of Columbus Tower, in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic fraternal service organization known as the Knights of Columbus. Founded here in the U.S. in 1882, it is named in honor of Christopher Columbus and today is a multi-billion dollar non-profit charitable organization and insurance company. It currently has more than 1.8 million members in 15,000 councils in the U.S. and around the world.

This amazing building was retrofitted with five Series 1600 Space Heat Boilers firing at 1700 MBH with Low-High-Low control, plus one Series 900 Domestic Hot Water firing at 600 MBH. This 23 story modern building, at 321 feet tall, is the third tallest building in the city’s skyline.

Considering how tall it is, this building is a bit unusual because the boiler room is on the top floor. TRIAD’s modular vertical configuration was the perfect fit for this top floor boiler room that did not have a lot of space for equipment. The Triad’s replaced two very large boilers that would be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. The modular Triad’s were installed easily because they fit in the freight elevator, this avoiding expensive rigging or demolition. The Series 1600 boilers were fired with natural gas Powerflame JR50 burners with a low-high-low configuration. The building expects to realize savings because the modular boilers are sequenced by a control panel that will only fire the minimum number of boilers based on outdoor temperature. Thus, no energy will be wasted warming up one of the larger older boilers. This is expected to really make a difference during the shoulder seasons of fall and spring. Additionally, even though the Triad’s are smaller boilers, their construction is very similar to the larger firetube boilers that were being replaced. In other words, the Triad’s are extremely rugged, and can be expected to last many more years than other types of small modular boilers.

Series 1600 Space Heat Boilers