Reinsurer Grinnell Mutual Realizes Rebate!

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company Exterior

The Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company is an insurance company that operates in 12 states throughout the Midwest, reinsuring nearly 300 mutual insurance companies, with a 53% market share. It provides to the farming, residential, and business communities, and also insures cars, homes, and recreational vehicles. It was founded in 1909 with roots that can be traced back to the mid-1800s and is still based in Grinnell Iowa in an 180,000 sq. ft. facility, and employees over 700 people.

Triad Natural Gas Boilers Installed

The company has been in the same building since 1961. The heating plant consisted of 10 old, hot water boilers firing No. 2 oil. Grinnell Mutual contacted Triad’s rep, Tim Hildreth Company (THCO), in the fall of 2007 to look at the project and provide a quote to replace the system. Jonas Hildreth of THCO suggested the installation of 10 new Triad Boilers, consisting of five Series 300-SH boilers firing at 399MBH and five Series 900-SH boilers firing at 900MBH. Replacing the old boilers was a good opportunity for Grinnell to get rid of the hassles of firing with oil, and instead switch to cleaner burning natural gas. The Series 300’s were fired by Powerflame X4-400 burners and the Series 900’s were fired by Powerflame JR30 burners.

Installation of the equipment started in the spring of 2008. Due to the compact nature of these boilers the entire process was simple, with the boilers ready in plenty of time for the initial start-up in the fall of 2008.

John Guthrie the Chief Engineer for Grinnell Mutual was very happy with the new Triad boilers due to their simplicity of operation and extremely rugged design. An independent energy company stated that the Triad boilers were more efficient than advertised calculating the energy savings for installing the mat 4313 therms per year.

Grinnell Insurance is pleased because due to the efficiency of the boilers they received a rebate of $6,965 from their utility, Alliant Energy.
Perspective Shot of 4 Triad Boilers

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