Egyptian Bakery (Modern Bakeries Co.) Uses TRIADS Steam Boilers

Commercial Bakery Comes Back to TRIAD For Seconds,and Thirds!

Rick Bake Brand

Modern Bakeries Company was established in 1997 to provide something that previously was not available to the Egyptian consumer – premium quality breads a baked goods produced to stringent international standards.

A market study on the quality of Egyptian bread showed a gap that Modern Bakeries filled by using state-of-the-art, fully-automated, computer-controlled equipment versus the traditional methods where bread passed through many human hands prior to reaching the customer. This revolutionized the way bread was made and consumed in the country.

Today, Modern Bakeries, under the Rich Bake brand, provides thousands of Egyptian families with a wide range of bakery products available on shelves nationwide every day. Because its products are now so popular, Rich Bake has steadily expanded and has chosen to use Triad Boilers for production.


In 2008 Rich Bake approached Triad to purchase one steam boiler for their baking process. Steam is generally used to provide a glossy surface for crust, but also helps avoid cracking during baking. Ultimately the company chose the Series 1600 Steam boiler with a gas-fired Riello RS38 burner. Apparently Rich Bake was pleased with it, because two years later another 1600 Steamer was ordered.

Modern Bakeries (Rich Bake) recently acquired Al-Faisal Bakeries, one of the main players in the croissant market. So, in 2013 two more Series 1600’s were ordered. The company now has four Triad boilers assisting with their baking process.

Rich Bake is planning to extend its product range to not only include traditional Middle Eastern baked goods but also a wide variety of European products that will be new to the Egyptian market.

Rich Bake has become the leader in the Egyptian bakery market by offering the highest quality, broadest range of product available – a much appreciated breakthrough for the consumer. Triad is pleased to have been able to help out in some small way.

Modern Bakery Factory


Series 1600 Steam High Pressure Boiler

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