Heavy Equipment Manufacturer, Caterpillar, Uses TRIAD Boilers

Six Large Rugged Triad Boilers Provide Warehouse Heat

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For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been manufacturing a wide array of heavy equipment used in a variety of fields from construction, to mining, to farming,and many others.With sales and revenues in excess of $60billion, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

From its headquarters in Decatur, Illinois, Caterpillar operates hundreds of offices and facilities across the world, from Calgary to Cairo, from Sydney to Salt Lake City.

Serving customers in more than 180 countries around the globe with more than 300products, more than half of sales are outside the US. Cat’s manufacturing, marketing, logistics, service, R&D and related facilities, along with dealers, total more than 500 locations worldwide.

Triad is pleased to have been able to provide six Series 1600 Hot Water Boilers to heat a large warehouse/ storage facility at the Decatur World Headquarters. It was quite a large warehouse, with a high ceiling that needed sufficient heat to prevent freezing in the winter in order to not damage the stored product, but to also have it just comfortable enough for the warehouse workers, who were going in and out of the building, spending half their time outdoors.So care needed to be taken to not overheat the space.

It was a large facility, but the six Triad Boilers with gas-fired Powerflame JR50 burners with input of 1,700,000 Btu’s each resulted in a perfectly sized heating plant that is delivering a total of 8,500,000 Btu’s of output.The small footprint of the vessels was an attractive feature, resulting in a minimum amount of space having to be allocated for them.

Series 1600 Hot Water Boiler

The boilers were controlled by a Triad Control Panel allowing for flexibility in the timing and levels of heating.

The building expects to realize savings because the modular boilers are sequenced by a control panel that will only fire the minimum number of boilers based on outdoor temperature. No energy will be wasted warming up one of the larger older boilers. Due to the compact nature of these boilers the entire process was simple, with the boilers ready in plenty of time for the initial start-up.

Because this was an industrial environment, Caterpillar really appreciated the extreme ruggedness of these vessels, combined with their small footprint. In other words-Heavy Boilers For a Heavy Equipment Manufacturer.

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