Alternative Fuel Production

Superior Boiler led the way in Ethanol production in the USA with more installed firetube boilers in Ethanol plants than any other manufacturer. Ethanol requires the distillation of sugars into an alcohol fuel. Superior’s products are used to generate heat needed for the ethanol distillation processes, heating storage tanks as well as batch reactors. Additionally, Superior Boilers can be fitted with packaged burners which fire a variety of fuels from tallow to syngas to Hydrogen and most anything in between.

Renewable Energy

Superior boilers can be found burning digester methane gas, hydrogen, tallow (animal fats), biodiesel, sanderdust and recovering heat from biomass systems.


When selecting a new or replacement industrial or commercial boiler, it’s important to consider including backup equipment. Redundant boiler systems can help businesses avoid down time for both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. In addition, the backup boiler will be available if load increases in the future due to production or facility growth.

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Boiler Turndown

When upgrading or selecting a new boiler, it’s important to consider how burner and boiler turndown will impact the system’s overall efficiency. Boiler capacity and the range of load demand variation for the process are key factors to choosing the right system for the application.

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Reduced Footprint

Over the past two decades, industrial and commercial boilers have improved in efficiency and also decreased in size. This means a new system can reduce the boiler footprint and save space in addition to saving money on fuel costs. Whether you have a new or existing facility, we can build a custom system to meet your process steam hot water and comfort heat needs while saving space.

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DFW Patented Design

The Dual Furnace Wall (DFW) patented design offers a variety of solutions to boiler room obstacles. The design allows Superior Boiler to offer a decreased footprint, increased energy efficiency and sustainability, lower fan HP, and cost reduction during production and operations with our A, O, D, and Ds-type watertube boilers.

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Seminole Boiler Being Lifted By Hoist

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