The production of pulp and paper requires steam in varying amounts as part of the process. Superior Boiler provides custom boiler systems to meet these load variations and improve efficiency to reduce operating costs.

We build our boilers to order using non-proprietary burners and controls. This allows us to create a solution that can fit any footprint while making it easy and cost-effective for our customers to maintain their boilers. Our customer service is unmatched, and we’ll take the time to uncover your needs and recommend a system that’s right for your plant.

Many pulp plants use thermal oxidizers or incinerators that are fired with alternative fuels. The hot exhaust can then be piped into a Superior Boiler heat recovery steam generator to supply otherwise wasted energy back to the plant with no additional fuel cost. Typically, large multi-story watertube boilers create the steam that is used to generate pulp. Auxiliary boilers are often engineered into pulp or paper mills to provide start-up steaming capacity as well as emergency and maintenance steam production. Some non-condensable gases are formed in the Kraft process of pulp production. In many cases, flares are used to incinerate those gases.

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