Superior Boiler provides custom boiler systems to provide hot water and comfort heat for office buildings of all types and sizes, from historic masterpieces to modern skyscrapers. We help businesses reduce fuel costs and emissions, add redundancy, improve efficiency and more.

All of our boiler systems are built to order using non-proprietary controls and burners. This allows us to manufacture a boiler that can fit any footprint and is also easy and cost-effective for the customer to maintain. We offer exceptional customer service, and our experienced team can engineer and fabricate a solution for even the most complex office needs.

The Arrowhead boiler is a popular solution for stand-alone office buildings. They’re available from 10-100 horsepower and they can provide heat for hot water loops or low-pressure steam. For a large office complex with a centralized heating plant, we offer high efficiency, low emission hot water or steam boilers. They are available from 10-2,500 boiler horsepower and will heat the entire complex for years to come. When hydronic heating is needed, we often suggest the high-efficiency Cheyenne condensing boiler. It’s available in either gas or a gas/oil combination with packages from 300-5,500 MBH.

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