Alternative Fuel Production

Superior Boiler led the way in Ethanol production in the USA with more installed firetube boilers in Ethanol plants than any other manufacturer. Ethanol requires the distillation of sugars into an alcohol fuel. Superior’s products are used to generate heat needed for the ethanol distillation processes, heating storage tanks as well as batch reactors. Additionally, Superior Boilers can be fitted with packaged burners which fire a variety of fuels from tallow to syngas to Hydrogen and most anything in between.

Building Heat

Superior’s Arrowhead boiler is an ideal boiler for tight space applications which require either low pressure steam for heating or low pressure water. The Arrowhead boiler fits through a standard 36″ doorway and provides superb performance and efficiency with gas or light oil. Unlike many throw-away boilers, the Arrowhead is designed for long a trouble-free service life exceeding decades. One brand new product line introduced in 2012 is the Creek condensing hydronic boiler. This boiler boasts efficiencies past 95% and can be used to provide heat to apartments, hospitals, hotels, universities and other institutions.

In addition to the Arrowhead and Creek boilers, there are many steam heating systems still in use today and comprise a large portion of our product portfolio. In January, 2012, Superior Boiler delivered an 1800BoHP three pass wetback Seminole boiler to Long Island, New York to be used at a central heating plant which provides heat to thousands of area residents. The NOx were limited to 30 ppm when firing natural gas.

Chemical Industry

Superior Boiler manufactures Waste Heat recovery boilers (HRSG’s) which are used in many areas of the chemical industry to recycle otherwise wasted heat and turn it into steam or hot water in the chemical manufacturing process. All firetube products can be used for batch or continuous processes to heat reactors, kettles and dryers.

Humidification/Clean Steam

At times our customers will use Superior boilers for building humidification systems as well as clean process steam. Superior will skid mount the feedwater tank, feed pumps, and chemical treatment system upon request.

Dry Cleaning & Industrial Laundries

Superior has been a leading supplier of high pressure steam boilers to large laundry facilities across the world such as Alsco, Aramark and Cintas. We now offer a fit through the door low pressure steam and hot water boiler for tight space applications, the Arrowhead. Industrial laundries use Superior boilers to provide heat to hot water storage tanks, to ironers and to provide steam using unfired steam generators. Large, industrial laundries are common in uniform/laundry companies, healthcare facilities, resorts, high-end hotels, as well as prisons.


Educational Institutions use a wide array of Superior Boiler products for steam and hot water systems. In smaller schools and colleges, the Arrowhead boiler, available from 10-100 HP, can be used to provide heat for low pressure steam or hot water loops instead of an outdated cast iron unit. On a larger scale, campuses which have a centralized plant, can take advantage of high efficiency, low emission steam or hot water boilers from 10-2,500 BoHP to satisfy heating needs of the entire campus for decades.

Superior Boiler has been a partner of education and is leading the way in efficiency and exceptional value with our new offering of high efficiency condensing boilers for hydronic applications. The efficiencies of our new product offering, the Creek Condensing Boiler, is unparalleled and comes in packages from 300 MBH – 5,500 MBH in gas and gas/oil combinations. Superior offers the widest range of condensing boiler products which means you will save first on costs including contracting services without sacrificing operating costs.

Food & Beverage Industry

Should you need steam for your bottling, heating, sanitation, or operation, Superior boilers are ideal for food processing and bottling applications. Our boilers may be used to provide heat for fryers, ovens, belt grills and jacketed kettles. Also should you need a humidified environment in your industry, we can help.


Superior Boiler is well known in the healthcare industry, offering hundreds of successful boiler room packages to hospitals across the world. Hospitals are unique in that often, they have steam requirements for heating, laundry, sterilization autoclaves and in some climates, humidity.

In addition to our high efficiency, low emissions steam boilers, Superior also offers the Creek condensing boiler as a way for new hospitals to isolate their heating loops and take advantage of fast and efficient production of potable hot water or hot water for heating needs while at the same time using steam boilers engineered into a hybrid boiler system for optimum efficiency.

Military Bases & Government Facilities

We at Superior Boiler salute our military personnel who defend our freedoms each day. Superior Boiler is committed to keeping our military warm, comfortable and safe by providing hot water, low and high pressure steam to bases at home and in the field abroad.

Oil & Gas Field Processing

Different processes in the oil and gas industry often require steam. Superior Boiler manufactures fired and unfired vessels for the oil and gas industries and is able to fabricate vessels in the 450 psig design pressure range due to our high technology rolling capacity in Hutchinson, KS. Superior can accommodate requirements of the NEC code with regards to boilers in hazardous environments. Contact Superior Boiler today to discuss our oil and gas ancillary steam and hot water equipment capabilities.

Pulp & Paper Production

Steam is used to generate pulp normally by very large multi-story watertube boilers. In many cases auxiliary boilers for the pulp or paper mills are engineered into the plant to provide start-up steaming capacity as well as emergency and maintenance steam production. In addition, certain non-condensable gases are formed in the Kraft process of Pulp production. In many cases, flares are used to incinerate those gases. At several pulp plants today, thermal oxidizers, or incinerators, can be purchased and fired with alternative fuels and the hot exhaust can be piped into a Superior Boiler Heat Recovery Steam Generator to supply otherwise wasted energy back to the plant which generates the energy.

Pharmaceutical Processing

Many pharmaceutical companies require high make-up air in their manufacturing facilities to promote healthy air quality. In cold months, this high make-up air causes the building’s temperatures to fall substantially necessitating heating boilers. Superior Boiler offers conventional boilers for existing plants or condensing hydronic boilers for plants which are able to produce low temperature returns to allow efficiencies to 99%.

Power Generation

Whether providing high-efficiency, low emissions auxiliary boilers to coal or otherwise fired power plants across the United States, or heat recovery steam generators to natural gas fired turbine plants, you will find Superior boilers serving the needs of power generation customers for years to come.

Renewable Energy

Superior boilers can be found burning digester methane gas, hydrogen, tallow (animal fats), biodiesel, sanderdust and recovering heat from biomass systems.


Should you require steam or hot water for your textile manufacturing processes contact, Superior Boiler or an authorized representative today to assist you with your project.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Superior Boiler has hundreds of installations at waste water treatment plants burning digester methane gas. With hundreds of installations across North and South America, you can trust that your Superior boiler will be sized correctly to safely burn a very useable, inexpensive fuel.

Superior Boiler manufacturers boilers for a variety of industrial and commercial markets. We have boiler heating solutions for small 4-table restaurants all the way up to industrial manufacturing facilities. By contacting a Superior Boiler representative, we can discuss your specific needs and offer a variety of power and efficiency boiler options.