Presbyterian Hospital

A PERFECT STORM What started out as the perfect job, suddenly morphed into a perfect storm. Anybody can look good when things are going well, but trust and respect are earned – and reputations validated – through rapid service response at critical times. W. C. Rouse & Son, a boiler room equipment and service provider based … Continued

Scripps Mercy Hospital Lowers NOx <6 ppm

Scripps Mercy Hospital with campuses in San Diego and Chula Vista is known for providing outstanding care. They are now in the midst of a major expansion, which includes a complete new central steam plant that must meet the NEW strict Seismic regulations. The initial plan called for the existing older style 350 HP dryback firetube boilers … Continued

Veteran’s Administration Hospital

The North Little Rock, Arkansas Veteran’s Administration (VA) hospital underwent a major renovation and upgrade of their boiler room in late 2010. The existing boiler room was old and in need of upgrades to bring it up to standards needed for future operations. Superior Boiler was consulted regarding what equipment would help modernize the facility and improve operating efficiencies … Continued

Madison Community Hospital

Combination Boilers Plus Dual Fuel Provide Tremendous Flexibility Read Full Story (PDF)

Mayo Clinic Health Center

Triad Cures a Headache at Hospital in Springfield, Minnesota Read Full Story (PDF)