Superior Boiler manufactures commercial and industrial boilers to provide humidification for a variety of industries and applications. Our systems are custom engineered to fit any footprint. Engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners and more count on us for steam boilers to help maintain optimal humidity levels in many types of facilities.

Industrial and Commercial Humidification

Maintaining relative humidity levels between 40% and 60% in an industrial or commercial facility has several benefits. It can make the space feel more comfortable, prevent static electricity buildup and reduce the number of viruses, bacteria, mites and fungi in the air. In addition, accurate humidity control can impede ozone production and reduce chemical reactions.

A commercial boiler uses a burner and a heat exchanger to heat water. In a steam boiler, the water is heated past the boiling point until steam forms. Then, the saturated steam is pumped out of the boiler to provide building heat, hot water or to add moisture to the air, among other uses. Because it will be breathed by the building’s occupants, it is important to use clean water rather than chemically treated boiler water for humidification.

Industries and Applications

In applications where people are present, maintaining proper humidity levels can improve comfort, energy efficiency, air quality and even productivity. In applications where materials are manufactured, stored or preserved, humidification can help preserve perishable and sensitive goods, which reduces waste in warehouses. Proper humidity levels can also reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

In addition, hygroscopic products, finishes and furnishings will be more stable with optimal humidification. Hygroscopic materials absorb, release and retain moisture. This can lead to expanding, warping, shrinking and cracking that can cause damage.

Other specific commercial and industrial humidification applications include:

Data centers and computer rooms – Controlling humidity results in better security and reliability in servers due to preventing static electricity buildup that can lead to a short and reducing dust that can build up in sensitive components.

Offices – Humidification is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality in office buildings. Proper humidity reduces health issues and allergies for employees and improves comfort as they’re working. Overall, this leads to fewer employee sick days due to illnesses, which then results in an increase in productivity.

Schools – Maintaining proper humidity levels has been shown to reduce the spread of the flu and other viruses. In K-12 schools, this can greatly improve attendance, which in turn results in more school funding and less lost wages for parents due to time off for doctor appointments and caring for sick kids.

Healthcare – Correct humidification help to limit the spread of airborne infections and viruses in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

Pharmaceutical companies – Appropriate humidity levels in pharmaceutical production and storage facilities can help maintain the quality of medications.

Labs, clean rooms – Controlled clinical environments can benefit from humidification because it helps reduce dust, unpredictable chemical reactions and static electricity buildup.

Printing – Hygroscopic materials such as paper will absorb or release moisture until they reach an optimal moisture level. This can affect how ink adheres to and is absorbed by paper. Proper humidity levels can help reduce paper jams and breaks, paper curling and cracking, dust collection and electrostatic charges.

Museums and libraries – Books, historical documents, furnishings and artwork are all susceptible to damage from dry air. Proper humidification will help preserve valuable artifacts and sensitive materials.


In buildings where a boiler provides heat or hot water, using steam from the existing system to maintain proper humidity levels is an economical and convenient option.

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