Superior Boiler manufactures commercial and industrial hot water boilers for a variety of industries. Our systems are custom engineered to fit any footprint and application. Mechanical contractors, engineers, building owners and more count on us for solutions to their companies’ hot water needs.

Industrial and Commercial Hot Water Boiler Operations

Just as residential boilers supply hot water to homes, commercial hot water boilers serve larger facilities such as hotels, manufacturing plants, offices and retail centers. Industrial boilers supply hot water for process when the water temperature required is below 200°F. They are typically fueled by natural gas, electricity or oil.

The most common design is a horizontal, closed tube with a burner mounted on the front of the boiler. The burner is connected to tubes surrounded by water inside the vessel. Heat transfers directly from the tubes to the water. This is similar to how steam boilers work, except a hot water boiler vessel is completely filled with water, whereas a steam boiler has room at the top of the vessel or a chamber in which steam collects.

Chemicals and other substances may be added to the water to prevent freezing and corrosion, limit the growth of mold and bacteria, help with leak detection and raise the water’s boiling point.

Industries and Applications

Commercial and industrial hot water boilers are used for applications where a relatively low process temperature is required (generally below 200°F). Typical industries include those that require process and fluid heating, including chemical manufacturing, concrete production, food and beverage manufacturing, paper manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, metal finishing, health clubs, heating swimming pools and more.

For higher temperature needs, steam or high-pressure hot water boilers are typically used.


  • Relatively inexpensive installation
  • Simple inspection and maintenance
  • Precise temperature control
  • Efficient performance
  • Continuous hot water supply
  • No preheating or recovery time

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