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Meet the *New* Cheyenne

One of the largest condensing boilers in the industry

cheyenne condensing boiler

Our team of Superior Problem Solvers pride themselves on giving customers the boilers they need to solve their toughest challenges.

That’s why we created The Cheyenne, one of the largest and most efficient boilers in the industry.

The Cheyenne is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their emissions footprint while increasing outputs and investing in a boiler that’s built to last the test of time.

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  • High-Efficiency Hot Water Condensing Boiler
  • Dual Fuel Gas/Oil – 4.0-12.0 Million BTU/HR
  • Choice of UL Listed Burner Packages
  • Proven Efficiency
  • NOx Emissions of 30 PPM or Less Available at All Firing Rates
  • True Dual Fuel Capabilities with Natural Gas/Oil

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