Superior Boiler provides OEM and non-OEM industrial and commercial boiler burners for all of our models as well as for competitors’ equipment.

We offer oil and gas burners for a variety of commercial applications and industries, and we can customize a solution to fit any need. Our custom designed burners are available for industrial firetube or watertube boilers, as well as packaged systems.

Burner Neutral

Superior Boiler uses non-propriety parts in all of our boilers. This means our industrial and commercial boilers are burner neutral and work with any brand. As a result, our boiler systems easier and more cost-effective to maintain. You can use the qualified boiler technician of your choice for maintenance. And, although we sell replacement parts, if the burner ever needs to be replaced, you can use any compatible model you choose.

Fire Test

When you order a boiler and burner package, it can be completely fire tested. We ensure all components have been tested and the proper air-to-fuel ratios have been checked before the system leaves our factory.

Burner Upgrades

If you’re looking to replace a burner to improve efficiency or lower emissions, we offer burner upgrades in conjunction with control upgrades.

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