Superior Boiler manufactures commercial and industrial building heat boilers for a variety of facility types. We custom engineer our systems to fit any application and footprint. Building owners, engineers, mechanical contractors and more rely on us to provide efficient, cost-effective heating solutions.

Industrial and Commercial Building Heat Operations

Boilers are the most common type of commercial and industrial heating systems, although some facilities do use forced air furnaces. If a boiler is used, it will often be combined with a chiller to provide cool air in the summer. Chillers work in the same manner as boilers, except water is cooled inside the unit rather than heated.

Boilers burn combustible fuel or use electricity to heat water, which can be used to provide comfort heat in buildings. Depending on the type of boiler, the heat energy could come from hot water or steam. Heat is generated by the burner, which then heats the water inside the boiler via the heat exchanger. The hot water or steam then enters pipes and circulates throughout the building via baseboards, radiators or fan coils to keep the space warm. The most common fuel for commercial boilers is natural gas.

Industries and Applications


  • Flexible design allows for efficient heating of large spaces
  • Can serve dual purposes, providing both heat and hot water
  • More cost-efficient heating solution than furnaces in many cases

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Industrial Boiler Being Lowered Via Crane for Installation

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