Osage3-Pass Firebox Boiler

The Osage is a 3-pass firebox design. The Osage is designed for reliability and durability in today’s most demanding environments.

Osage 3-Pass Firebox Boiler can burn:
Natural Gas, Propane, #2 Oil, Digester Gas, Hydrogen

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  • 3-Pass firebox design
  • Pressures from 15 psi steam and 30 psi hot water
  • Sizes from 15-450 BoHP
  • Large furnace and rear turnaround volume for complete combustion
  • Bolted front and rear door for fireside access (Davited at 3-897 and larger models)
  • Packaged with Gas, Oil, or Combination Gas & Oil Burner


  • Customized, proven package burner solution
  • Handholes for waterside access
  • Factory installed gas train available with FM, GE-GAP, NFPA-85, UL and other approvals
  • Structural steel skid available with optional jacking pads and seismic design
  • Front/Rear door gaskets made of ceramic fiber

Available with NOx reduction technology to 9 ppm. With 15 psi steam and 30 psi hot water, the Osage is the intelligent option for your firebox boiler needs. Available in sizes ranging from 15 to 450 HP.

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