Creek XLHigh Efficiency Condensing Boiler

The Creek XL condensing boiler can be used as a high efficiency heating boiler.

Creek XL High Efficiency Condensing Boiler can burn:
Natural Gas, #2 Oil

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  • Sizes from 3,000,000-6,000,000 btu/hr
  • High Water Volume w/ Low Waterside Pressure Drop Reducing System Pump HP
  • Twin Water Return for Maximum Efficiency
  • Complete Heat Exchanger Made w/ 316Ti
  • Available in gas and #2 fuel oil
  • Simple to access and maintain
  • Available w/ Low Emissions
  • Titanium Infused Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • UL and ETL Approved Boiler
  • Integrated Natural Gas Burner
    • Fully Modulating Turndown (20:1 Burner Is Available )
    • Low-NOx Operation Certified to SCAQMD Standards
    • Operates On Gas Pressure As Low As 4 inches WC
    • Quiet Operation
  • Honeywell Integrated Control System, either Sola Control or RM7897A
    • Provides PID Temperature Control and Flame Management
    • Digital Touch-Pad User Interface
    • Integrated Outdoor Air Temperature Reset
    • Integrated Domestic Hot Water Priority Control
    • Ability to Accept Remote Control Signals from Building Management Systems
    • Automatic Freeze Protection
  • Powdercoated Casing

Superior Boiler would like to introduce a product that will change the way our industry sees condensing boiler technology. The heart of the Creek XL is a robust titanium infused stainless steel heat exchanger – the key to its high efficiency. This design allows the boiler to withstand the corrosiveness of condensed flue gases for years of reliable operation. A large horizontal combustion chamber limits the formation of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and is matched with a specially engineered vertical condensing section of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel. Burners, controls, and pumps are all first quality name-brand OEM components such as Honeywell and PowerFlame. The Creek XL is a flow-through design which means no dedicated boiler pump is required. The Creek XL has no limit on return water temperature, and is designed with TWO hot water returns, allowing for a system with two distinct loops and two different return temperatures. This makes the Creek XL a very flexible boiler that can be used in many situations.

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Creek XL High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

Creek XL High Efficiency Condensing Boiler Drawings

Creek XL – 80 PSIG
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