Arrowhead3-Pass Wetback Firebox Boiler

The Arrowhead 3-pass firebox design with wetback boiler is designed for maximum efficiency, reliability and durability in today’s most demanding environments.

Arrowhead 3-Pass Wetback Firebox Boiler can burn:
Natural Gas, Propane, #2 Oil, Hydrogen

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  • 3-Pass firebox design with wetback construction
  • Low pressure boiler available for 15 psi steam and 30 psi hot water
  • Available with NOx reduction technology to 9 ppm
  • Burner efficiencies to 84%
  • Sizes from 10-100 BoHP
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact, exceptional value
  • Large furnace and rear turnaround volume for complete combustion
  • Bolted front and rear doors for total fireside access
  • Able to fit through a standard door with 36″ width
  • Packaged with Gas, Oil, or Combination Gas & Oil Burner


  • Customized, proven package burner solution
  • Handholes for waterside access
  • Factory installed gas train available with FM, GE-GAP, NFPA-85, UL and other approvals
  • Structural steel skid available with optional removable skids, jacking pads and seismic design
  • Front/Rear door gaskets made of ceramic fiber
  • Three pas X-ID tube design for maximum efficiency

Available with NOx reduction technology to 9 ppm. With pressures of 15 psi steam and 30 psi hot water, the Arrowhead is the intelligent option for your particular needs. Available in sizes ranging from 10 to 100 HP.


To make the highest quality, most efficient, compact firebox boiler on the market we began with quality-in-design. The tube sheet, furnace, tubes and other critical components of the Arrowhead boiler were designed to exceed the ASME code to guarantee a quality product that will last for decades.


Packaged boilers are trimmed with necessary safeties and code piping and inspected by authorized, independent code inspectors. We design our Arrowhead boilers to safely deliver low pressure steam and hot water for your specific needs.

Exceptional Value

The Arrowhead boiler is designed to fit through a standard 34” door, reducing expensive installation costs. Maintenance is minimal with our wetback design for demanding load swings and extended life. The Arrowhead also provides you with full and complete access to front and rear tube sheets, so when maintenance is required you can quickly, and easily get to the area needing attention. The Arrowhead boiler is truly an exceptional value.

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