Over the past two decades, industrial and commercial boilers have improved in efficiency and also decreased in size. This means a new system can reduce the boiler footprint and save space in addition to saving money on fuel costs. Whether you have a new or existing facility, we can build a custom system to meet your process steam hot water and comfort heat needs while saving space.

Benefits for New Construction

That means in a new construction application, a smaller boiler room is needed, leaving more usable square footage. For example, apartments, hotels and other multi-unit buildings that would otherwise use one boiler per unit could be designed with a central boiler instead. This can free up storage space in apartments or floor space in hotel rooms. In a manufacturing facility, a smaller boiler room means more space for production and processing.

Benefits for Retrofit Applications

In a retrofit application, reducing a boiler’s footprint could have several benefits. With more air in the space, it could be easier to regulate the boiler room’s temperature. A growing company could upgrade to a larger capacity boiler without increasing the size of the boiler room.

In facilities where space is at a premium, it may even be possible to make the existing boiler room smaller and free up space for storage, production or other uses. In some cases, a single large boiler could be replaced with two smaller, more efficient units to give the facility better efficiency and add N+1. For applications where a drastically reduced footprint is needed, downfire vertical or triad boilers are the go-to solution.

Superior Boiler can custom design an efficient boiler system to fit your facility’s boiler room and the application(s) you need it for. Whether you want to save space, improve efficiency or simply replace an aging boiler, contact your local sales representative to discuss your needs and get a customized solution for a new boiler system.

DFW Watertube Patented Design

One of the many benefits available from the DFW Patented Design for Superior’s watertube boilers is the opportunity for a decreased footprint. The technology allows the same capacity in a smaller footprint and a lower weight during shipping and operations. For more information about this patented technology, check out this brochure or read the article “DFW Design Represents a Technological Advancement in Boiler Industry.”

Superior Boiler Vertical Steam Boiler

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